About us

Welcome. We have a great experience in management of Information Technology (IT). We support any initiative computer at Home, Small and Medium Sized Businesses.


  • Networking
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Training

Gokus Computer Technology Solutions (GokusCTS LLC) is an organization of professionals skilled in computer and computer networks, who have extensive experience in the IT field, both residential and business, enabling them to develop projects in the areas of Support technician, Data Communications Networks (physical and wireless), Web Design, e-Commerce, Training, among others. Adapted to the changing demands of the growing environment of Information Technology and Communication and constantly preparing for the challenges that modern society requires..




  • Resposability.
  • Knowledge.
  • Design.
  • Trust.


Support is given through a well organized forum

Good Customer Service is treating customers with a good attitude, helping them in a friendly manner and efficiently, and making sure they have a great experience with your products or Services. This service will help our customers make the best choices.


Constant Innovation

Our projects stand out by making use of the latest information technologies. We use the best applications for diagnosis of PC's as well as work with the best antivirus programs in the market.

All our web designs seek to satisfy customers more motivated to use new technologies. Our designs are Full Responsive.

We offer the Best Budget that fits your Needs.

We will always offer the best option that meets your needs without compromising the budget of the company. Our technological projects are developed to allow grow over time, so distribute or segment the development stages.

The ideal relationship for creating the best environment for collaborative work.

We endeavor to create the best environment of relationship and trust that allows us to obtain an excellent result satisfacion in every our clients.